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Welcome to Sam's Printz

I've been drawing and painting since before I can remember!! I've concentrated on a lot of subject matter. Football, hockey, people, scenery to name a few. My latest subjects are oddly juxtaposed between the horror genre and animal portraits!


Please have a look through my galleries and feel free to comment. If you like what you see contact me to do something personalized just for you!


If you can't afford an original, I sell prints of all pieces on here, depending on size, the price ranges between $25 to under $100  for poster size!


I am a big animal rights advocate and a portion of each piece sold is donated to an animal rescue group.

Please click on the CONTACT & SPECIALS tab to read about how you can help!

Go to the PAINTED ROCKS tab to see the new section. Custom painted rocks with anything you want on them! $25 each (plus shipping)

Farm Animal Rescue & Rehoming Movement   December 7, 2016

Wetaskiwin, Alberta


Sam's Printz is a multi-faceted art and design company that specializes in custom pet portraits and engaging graphic designs. Over the last year we have worked very closely with Sam Whincup (the talented artist behind Sam's Printz) to rebrand our organization and to create various merchandise. Sam developed a logo for our organization that captured the essence of our mission, created various products such as greeting cards, and produced dozens of marketing materials to promote various events and fundraising initiatives.

Working with Sam has been an absolute privilege. She is prompt, communicative, and incredibly easy to work with. She understands exactly how to capture the ideas in our head and put them into print. We have consistently been impressed and pleased with her creations.

Sam’s work speaks for itself and it is quite clear that she is naturally gifted. However, in addition to being innately talented she supports various animal welfare organizations such as our farm animal rescue organization. Her work has helped us raise thousands of dollars which has helped us save dozens of animals – just in this year alone.

Contact Sam's Printz for your next project, you won’t regret it!

Carol Rosher                  December 6, 2016

Owner Facebook/CarolsComedyCorner

Kelowna, British Columbia


I have had the pleasure of working with Sam on two separate projects. One, a caricature for children story book and number two, some logos for T-shirts related to my comedy business. I have found Sam to be extremely dedicated, artistic, driven, professional and timely. Sam was in steady communication throughout the entire process looking for direction and giving insight. I had several other people pitching jobs to me and by far Sam's have always been the best! I would and will use Sam for all future graphics and original art. I highly recommend Sam for all of your graphic and our needs for the amazing artist she is as well as the person she is.

Lady Teresa Bastian        September 7, 2016

Co-ordinator at India Authentic Tours

Selange, Belgium


Sam's Printz are amazing! Sam is an amazingly talented lady that can put the visions of those like me, who can't draw, on to canvas.

Sam always has the time to listen to one's wishes and puts her whole heart into being exact, when it comes to presenting the customer with what they want. We have used Sam's services on several occasions and have been amazed by the outcome every time. I recommend Sam's Printz to anyone and everyone!


Jane Espiritu-Gerometta      August 31, 2016

Temecula, California, USA


To say I admire my original Sam's Printz work of art, is honestly an understatement! Taking inanimate objects, such as paper and coloured pencils - and creating life with her amazing talent...capturing their spirit, the very essence of their being. Sam painstakingly recreated the vibrant colour, each fine detailed feather & unique characteristic.

I loved and painfully miss my handsome boys, it left a great big hole in my heart. They have long since passed away, but I now have the pleasure to see them every day - immortalized in sketch, as it graces a special place in our home.




Brenda Szasz       April 23, 2015

Kitchener, Ontario


Sam is a multi-talented artist - she paints in different styles, on a variety of surfaces and materials. Her drawings and paintings of animals capture the spirit of each animal - and you can feel her love for all animals - which is confirmed by knowing about her donations to animal rescue groups. Her piece "A Mother's Love", with ALL proceeds going to help Lucy the elephant in Edmonton, has truly re-energized and galvanized the movement for Lucy.


It is refreshing then to view her work in sports and horror subjects. Who would ever guess she is the same artist? While I may love her animals, my daughter has equally good things to say about her "scary stuff". I am sure there are athletes and sports fans who love her work in those genres.


I look forward to seeing more of Sam's work, especially because I won't be able to predict where her talent will take her - to me an artist should be an explorer, and Sam's adventures in art will be fascinating to see.

Dan Dusome        March 31, 2015

Midland, Ontario


Two words...Simply Awesome. That is how I would describe Sam Whincup's artwork. I recently purchased her drawing called 'A Mother's Love'. I thought the picture online was really nice but when it arrived in the mail it was even more stunning!! Can't wait to frame it and display it in our home.

Dee Paskowski      March 26, 2015

Cape Coral, Florida, USA


I just received the Elephant print titled 'A Mother's Love' and you have done such a beautiful piece of work! Thank you so much! Along with it was a wonderful calendar. I'm going to enjoy haveing this to gaze upon. Thanks again, Sam

Sharon Wager      March 16, 2015

Bonnyville, Alberta


Sam's work is exceptional. I ordered a print to help Lucy the Asian elephant and was pleasantly surprised at her workmanship. The drawing spoke volumes the moment I laid eyes on it. Entitled 'A Mother's Love', Sam has captured the raw beauty of my passion for elephants. I am so pleased with this piece of art, I am going to get Sam to create sketches of my four legged friends who have passed on.


Gina Lee    January 5, 2015

Racine, Wisconsin, USA


Sam is a phenomenal artist! Her attention to detail and capturing the spirit of her subject (whether it be an animal, cartoon, person or inanimate object), she conveys their very essence with such precision and detail.


Sam is a consummate professional that not only gives you your monies worth, but makes every penny spent matter. Sam regularly untilizes profits from her artwork to fund charitable organizations that give back to the community, most notably animal and wildlife!


Choose Sam's Printz!


Rhonda Bruce    Dec. 20, 2014

Toronto, Ontario


Sam is a true talent! She puts her heart and soul into each piece. I'm proud to say I own two of her works of art.



Les Bartlett   Dec. 14, 2014

Edmonton, Alberta


An amazing talent. Sam's Printz creates incredible images from whatever source you choose.
Copy? Custom? Sam's Printz handles it all...I would recommend Sam's Printz for any artwork anyone wants!





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